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Stretch Chakra Bracelet

Root - Garnet
Sacral - Carnelian
Solar Plexus - Citrine
Heart - Green Onyx
Throat - Turquoise
Third Eye - Blue Corundum
Crown - Amethyst

These handcrafted authentic chakra bracelets are the second generation of our new version of the popular silk chakra bracelets.  They are stretchable to fit most wrist sizes.  Seven Chakras with corresponding seven semi-precious stone; each eliciting desired energy. 

What's your Chakra? Read more about Chakra energy here

Click this chart and look for the energy you want to awaken or balance.

Our third generation is a beautiful reimagination of the chakra design that involves essential oils. A wooden bead is on the band of our flat pendants, or held in the cage of the 3D ball design and can be soaked in your favourite essential oil to hold scent all day.
Available in the heart chakra BRACELETFLAT necklace and BALL design.
Also in the third eye chakra BRACELETFLAT necklace and BALL design. 

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