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Silver as a metal:

Silver has been long valued as a precious metal used decoratively and otherwise. All silver jewellery by Thank You India is 92.5% Sterling Silver. Silver is characteristically a metal that does tarnish over time with exposure to air. This tarnish gives jewels a patina akin to antique jewels and therefore can be a desired look for many.
To avoid tarnishing, simply wear your jewellery as often as possible, as it slows down the oxidation.

Storing your pieces:

To prevent tarnishing or oxidization, or scratching, we recommend highly, to store your pieces in air tight container, cloth pouches or a Ziploc or similar lockable plastic bag.

Cleaning your pieces:

We recommend cleaning the tarnish off by soft cloth available at home stores to clean cutlery and housewares made of silver. This is the preferred method especially if your pieces have incorporated gemstones in them.

We offer a silver cleaning service for a nominal fee.  Let us help you with your pieces

Silver is an investment

Soaring demand for silver, almost 600% since 2006, means that buying silver jewelry is an investment.  When cared for correctly silver can be yours for a lifetime and passed on to as heirloom to the next generation!