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Our Artisans

Artisan Partners in India

hand woven rugs by fair trade artisans in india for canadian markets

At Thank You India, we will design your rug with a custom colour, size and pattern. We will work with you through this exciting process to get you a bespoke rug. Click on the photo to see one of these rugs in the entrance way designed with a professional Interior Designer's eye. Tazim, owner and an interior designer, took the following considerations for the rug: to create a cohesive interior with the black slate tile and allow exterior and interior doors to open freely. The low pile rug is perfect at thresholds and the dusty black of natural wool thread matches the slate really well. Have Tazim design a special piece with you and our artisans. Pre-order and get your exceptional rug in 6-8 weeks.

hand woven hand sewn napkins and cotton linens by women in india for thank you india in canada

Each linen textile we sell is handwoven by women from all across India through programs that aim to empower females to earn a living wage in a fair, dignified and sustainable work environment. Women are taught the skilled trade of loom weaving and given the resources needed to put these skills to work in their communities in order to alleviate poverty and promote the fair trade textile industry.

hand made jewelry in silver and gold by fair trade artisans in india

Most of our jewelry is sterling silver or gold vermeil. We have new pieces that are brass with gold plating. Click on the photo above to see the craftsman at work.

learn more about our hand made silk scarves block printing in india for canada

Each pattern is carved into a wooden block and then stamped onto silk by hand, as pictured above. The entire process is a manual repertoire of washing the cotton and silk fabrics, treating them with mordant for absorption of colours, block printing the patterns, drying in the sun, natural dyeing the background, washing off extra dyes, drying in the sun, and finally fixing the textile for colour fastness. Click on photo above to read more about the artisan.