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Our Measures during Covid-19


March 21st 2020:

Message from Tazim, founder of TYI

It's impossible to disregard the profound effects that the Covid-19 pandemic is having, and will have, on the global population, on our society, and the hardships we will all face over the coming months; nobody can continue with business as usual at this point in time. 

At TYI we are especially cognizant of how most disasters disproportionately affect the abject poor and vulnerable populations and minorities. Our artisans fall in this very category; vulnerable, lacking monetary resources, no paid leave or meager health care. 

Also in our hearts are the causes we support in our community; from women's shelters, to mental health to physical health charities. In these challenging situation, we can only remind ourselves how much more fortunate we are and lend a hand wherever we can to lift our immediate communities in every way we are able to.

All our physical events will be postponed, however we will be operating as usual on line with an added bonus of free shipping for the duration of Covid-19 emergency. We realize it may be important to send gifts to the loved ones, especially now, to remind them you are thinking of them.  Moreover, we will include in each purchase, the recipients birthstone charm  Our way of sending love. 
As always, I want to hear from you. Visit TYI at our FaceBook and Instagram Pages and stay connected. Tag us in your conversations and use our hashtags #EthicalElegance #Thankuindia #CauseitMatters

"It's in your hands" used as the Italian slogan to be mindful of hand-hygiene, but also that it is up to you how you conduct during this crisis.  Lets collectively focus on our social conscience, reflect and be more mindful of what is ahead of us. Compassion is always a good solution.

With gratitude,

Free Shipping within Canada: until end of Covid 19 crisis

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March 30th 2020

Locally we are offering curbside drop off at your home. Or a pick up at our address: 180 Lansdowne Road South, Rockcliffe Park. Parcels have a one touch point only as we are a small business. 

Expect delivery delays for our parcels sent through a courier. For the duration of the crisis we are offering a small gift to you by making the shipping free Canada-wide. 

Discard the cardboard box and wash your hands. Our handmade cloth bags can be washed for added sanitation during Covid-19.

April 18th: Local Parcel drop off