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Copy of Woven Linens

 hand woven linen textiles napkins made by female artisans in indai


Each linen textile we sell is handwoven by women from all across India through programs that aim to empower females to earn a living wage in a fair, dignified and sustainable work environment. Women are taught the skilled trade of loom weaving and given the resources needed to put these skills to work in their communities in order to alleviate poverty and promote the fair trade textile industry.


Our partner in Sausar is Kala Swaraj Foundation, which provides weavers with locally-produced cotton and silks, and connects the artisans to buyers around the world. Their weavers are among the highest-paid in the sector, proving that a business model built on sustainability works. The cotton used is locally grown and organic, as are many of the yarn dyes.


Chayyas story



Lakshmis story



Meticulous calculations are required to begin the weaving process. Each count of yarn creates a pattern which then is woven by these talented, highly skilled women. Each project the women work on is tailored to support the individual weaver, with economic schemes that are suitable to them. For instance, if a woman can only work few hours in the week, the cooperative will make work available for her to accommodate her schedule. It is entirely up to the weaver how much take-home pay she earns in order to sustain her and her family’s life.