CANADA: $20 flat rate US: $25 flat rate CANADA: $20 flat rate US: $25 flat rate

Cause It Matters

In our Cause It Matters line, we draw inspiration from the Cause or Charity, and we design jewelry or textile product uniquely crafted and ethically sourced, to raise funds for causes near and dear to your heart. These Causes are ones that matter to us; those that support women, children and education

When you purchase from TYI you become a link in the social chain of giving back.

Do you work with a charitable or community organization that would like to get involved with Thank You India? Contact Us!

Tell us about your Cause that is near and dear to your heart and leave the rest to us to come us with suitable, marketable product for your Cause to raise over 50% of the price of the product. Let us collaborate in bringing hope!