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Valentine’s Day Jewelry without the cheese

Valentine’s Day Jewelry without the cheese

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your sweetie, we suggest you go for the modern, stylish and innovative gift this Valentine’s Day. Let it be romantic without being obvious and being cheesy

Here are four ideas of how to love thyself or others:

  1. Empowering self-love

You are an empowered woman with daily affirmations to yourself. How about - "I am worthy of a gift to myself" 

Let’s get real, love starts with ourselves. Give yourself something that will remind you of your worth and show everyone else around you how self assured you are. We suggest these sparkling bangles that open and fit almost every wrist size.

bangles two sizes for self love

  1. Whimsical and fun

Besides board games, learning a skill, restocking the bar or any number of things that you have been bringing to your Covid life, we suggest to bring in the FUN in what you wear.

We choose this asymmetrical piece to bring some whimsy and fun to you!

Red is the colour, of course. How about adding the fun with the red stones on silver or gold pieces to hint subtly with a side note of romance. The hoops with a dandling red bead, as seen above, would definitely add the fun factor.  

asymmetrical rubylite necklace pendants

  1. Layering piece

You have so much already in your accessories wardrobe that you don't get to wear these days. We get that. So we suggest to be slob-chic for this Valentines and add a little something to what you already have. Add these colourful happy charms to your bracelet and remind yourself that loving is still very much in vogue! 

A charm that can be worn on a link bracelet or worn on the neck with a chain would allow for layering with your other jewelry pieces without breaking your bank.

Link bracelet with charms

  1. Enchanting
Love is a sentiment associated with the heart. But remember we are leaving the cheese out. Be enchanting this Valentines, leave out the obvious and give a compelling, tasteful love-note.
Opening the locket in the Heart Chakra and finding a bead is a charming way to send this love-note. Adding your favourite scent to the wood bead will transport you to devotion and commitment to love. Love IS the elixir to life, stay enchanted lovelies!


aromatherapy heart chakra for valentines


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