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Top 10 Bestsellers of our 10 Years!

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Top 10 Bestsellers of our 10 Years!

Some tidbits on our bestsellers: 

We love naming our products after our patrons. Every once in awhile these names don't stick. The Martina ring is fondly called the divorce ring and now changed to the freedom ring, after a group of TYI friends bought it for their friends who left their marriages to better relationships.

Vice versa, the multibead street jewelry changed to being called Vicky necklace. This after a TYI friend, Vicky, who sent to TYI, many of her admiring friends of the necklace on her. The reference changed naturally.

We should call the Harmony pendant ball after our another TYI patron who has bought this pendant for everyone on her gift list for past few years. On the 10th anniversary, to mark her loyalty, we are going to call it the Harmony Heather pendant ball

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  • Oct 30, 2017

    Love your blog and I love my two Vicky necklaces!

    — vicky wilgress

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