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The Meaning of the Chakra

The Meaning of the Chakra

“Chakra” is a word I’m sure you’ve heard, even if you don’t really get it. They can be confusing.

As a twenty-something trying to navigate a tough world, I see the chakras as a way of trying to reconnect with something spiritual. Something bigger than myself - even if I don’t exactly know what that “something” is.

Chakras are sometimes just part of a look. Because, simply, they’re beautiful. The intricate designs feel somehow exotic and familiar at the same time. The patterns often get borrowed, shared and transformed into new things.

Traditionally, the chakras emerged from Hinduism. They’re understood as physical points in the body that are associated with a certain colour, design and energy. It’s important to keep the energies balanced to maintain peace in the body and mind. You can meditate on a certain chakra to focus on wisdom, self-confidence, intuition and more.

So how do you take all of this and build your own understanding?

Using the connection between the physical and the spiritual, Thank You India’s owner and designer Tazim turned the chakras into something that can be worn. Taking time to wear something beautiful can be a daily reminder of your care and compassion for the self. She started with the simple chakra silk bracelets, then added more colour with the stretch bracelets.

Through a chance connection with Saje Natural Wellness, Tazim saw an opportunity to further engage the body through essential oils. The most recent design includes an ebony wood bead which can be soaked in your favourite scent. They’re worn on the wrist or near the heart, to engage the senses throughout the day.

The new designs only include the heart chakra (for love, joy and inner peace) and the third eye (for intuition, imagination, and wisdom) due to their popularity, but there are many more to explore. Each of the chakras are beautiful and unique.

And, as always, each jewelry piece is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, artisanal made, fairly traded and ethically sourced. What better way to build your own peace than by bringing good to the world around you?

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