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Symphony of Yarns - Hand Weaving

Symphony of Yarns - Hand Weaving
Visiting weaving facilities in Maheshwar, on our last trip to India, was a highlight in many ways.
Firstly, it was mind blowing to see the meticulous calculations required for the process.  Each count of yarn creates a pattern which then is woven by talented, highly skilled women who understand weaving intrinsically.  No surprise there, as most of these women were born into the industry.

It was mesmerizing to see the process; here’s a short clip…..listen to the symphony of yarns!
Secondly, the women at these facilities are highly marginalized and the projects they work on support each one of them with economic schemes that are suitable to them.  For instance if the woman weaver could only work few hours in the week, the cooperative would then make available work for her to accommodate her time.  So it is entirely up to the weaver how much take-home pay she would want in order to sustain her and her family’s life.

Thirdly, much of the cotton woven is locally grown and is organic as are many of the yarn dyes.
Finally, the woven fabrics rival any other types in their hand and beauty.

Thank You India is very happy to be able to offer in Fall of 2015, these fabrics designed specifically for the North American market in form of table and kitchen linens.  Watch for them in very near future!
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