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Art of Stacking Rings

Art of Stacking Rings

For the ring lover, often times you want to make an impact and perhaps think that they are too small.  Although small in comparison to your other jewels, the correct ring stack can achieve successful results.  Here are some useful pointers (pun intended):

To create a delicate stack the key is to have a solid band perhaps with the more delicate gem rings. See this look here 

Proportion is an important consideration; highlight just one finger if you have a small hand and keep the stack between your knuckles.

Geometry on the hand can also be a way to stack your rings on one hand.  For instance wear similar width rings across your three fingers on one hand and leave one finger free for balance and interest, to create a rectangle.  See featured image.

Or you can create a triangle by wearing the widest ring on the index and followed by less wider ring on the middle finger and the thinnest on the the ring finger. 

There is also the fun ring that you can wear above the knuckle and with this you can create a perfect triangle composition wearing it on the middle finger. Then on either side select two similar width rings, wearing them on on index and ring finger. 

Stacking by style is yet another clever way to bring impact with your stash of rings.  Choose same gemstones to wear together, all on the one hand. Or perhaps angular rings together with a circular one to create a more architectural look.  Essentially, create your own vibe by selecting pieces that go together. Not any different than when you put clothes together. 

Hope this inspires and points you in the direction of having fun :)

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*Acknowledgement: "How to wear Jewelry" 


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