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DO Care a DAMN! Supply Chains & Ethical Buying

DO Care a DAMN!  Supply Chains & Ethical Buying

We love our chocolate, our coffee, our fashions...our diamonds. All of these industries have been notorious in using child labour.

Being involved with our artisans on regular basis and visiting them in India, allows us to tick all our boxes on supply chains: fair value, ethical fashion, transparency, no child labour. 

Is it sufficient to look for labels on our clothes? Is it sufficient to boycott chocolate companies that practice child labour? Is it sufficient to be ethical in our practices as a consumer? 

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Empowered Woman

Empowered Woman

Of East African Indian origin, my mother was culturally bound to be a stay-at-home mom.  Growing up with my young widowed Mummy, I saw her as a nurturer— a provider of comfort. 

Early in my early teens, I left home to study abroad. Three years later I was reunited with my Mummy; I began to be aware of her deep focus on bringing up her kids- all eight of them- to have an education, to be regular in prayers, and to be morally upright.  She’d would say, "This is what your Papa was about," and that we would be honouring him if we strived for these goals. Independent of others’ watchful eyes, my Mummy stood steadfast in her values of bringing up her children with dignity.

Today, a few weeks before her 96th birthday, I honour her legacy with this Empowered Woman Charm. Her arms spread like wings, she welcomes all possibilities as her reality. She is strength amplified by her innate need to be the bearer of responsibility to humankind.

It’s befitting also that we honour ALL women and their strength on this International Women’s Day, March 8th with the Empowered Woman Charm.


Proceeds from the sale of this Empowered Woman Charm will directly support other strong women in shelters across Ottawa:

The Shepherd's of Good Hope
Cornerstone Housing for Women
St. Joe's Women's Centre
Centre 454
The Well 

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Giving Back

Giving Back


Recently a friend brought to our attention on the words ‘Giving Back’.  Since we use these very exact words in our tag line – “At Thank You India you become part of the social chain of giving back” – we were intrigued by the use or perhaps the misuse of it.

The intention of giving back iterated our friend, is that you have had to have taken something in the first place to have to now return it back.  As in rebate or recompense. 

We at TYI have a different intention of using the words ‘giving back’.   It is with satisfaction of our own lives and recognition that we need to share our wealth of whether it be sharing of the knowledge of the artisan work or the artistry itself.  In employing the work of the artisan and allowing their work in turn to exist through purchasing their work or by selling their work and giving a portion of the funds to the grassroots’ charities benefiting women, children or education, we are becoming part of the chain of giving back.

Over to you, what do you think of the term ‘giving back’?  What emotion does it evoke for you? We would love to hear your comment.  

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