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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

All the names we choose for our products have a meaningful story attached to them.  Some are chosen because of special occasions as in weddings. Then there are names of friends of TYI who have inspired us either through their personality or their style. 

Our Martina ring is named after a TYI friend.  Martina wanted something that fit her strong tennis hand and so we designed her the adjustable band; it has become the most favourite in our collection

.Martina Hammered Adjustable Ring

Similarly, the Salima cuffs were inspired by a niece’s wedding.  Salima’s wrist is tiny and the design had to be such that it would look dainty on her and fit her to a tee!

Salima Cuffs

The AF knot is in honour of nephew Alzeen & his bride Farah. It is cleverly coined as the 'Always and Forever' knot by the bride

AF Knot

The Mary 1 and 2 necklaces, are beads on a string and Mary 2 has a tassel.  The name is a play on rosary beads for Mary who also happens to be a devout Catholic as well as very loyal friend of TYI.

Mary One & Mary Two

Our favourite story on the names comes from our artisan/vendor.  In explaining that the earrings design intention is to have a bar and then a chain, this chain is then fed through the pierced ear, the artisan finally understood the concept and cried out "like Sui Dhaga" Which when translated is Needle and Thread.  

Needle & Thread in Gold

Ask us what the story behind the name is for other products……..and we will be happy to oblige:

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