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IWD - Story told by a Woman at the Ottawa Women’s Shelter

IWD - Story told by a Woman at the Ottawa Women’s Shelter

On the eve of International Day for Women, I spent an afternoon with a group of women who use various shelters in Ottawa: The Well, Cornerstone, St Joes, Harmony House, and Shepherd’s of Good Hope.  I participate in the event as a volunteer and as a donor through sales of my bespoke empowered woman’s charm. 


Every year the women are treated to activities, food, music & some of the women get up and speak about their trials and tribulations. And every year, one of them always manages to make my eyes tear up. Tears of joy and of humility. 


It wasn’t any different this year. The empowered woman told us her story on her abuses and cyclical path of being beaten down by life and then rehabilitation through courses. Despite her luck in life she managed to get herself out of the misery by finding solace in having women friends in her later years which she in the past had few to none of. 


When she spoke that now she has come to the age where she has lost two of her dear friends, it was heart breaking. However she stood resolved sharing her story with us and said she has hope in making more friends, women friends. This is because she knows how supportive they can be. A story I believe appropriate for International Womens Day - Woman empowering other women. 

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