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IT's ALL on YOU!

IT's ALL on YOU!

It’s All on You:

International Woman’s Day is a reminder that we the women-folk have to celebrate each other.  Though it’s only one day allocated for this, we know that it is everyday that we need to empower our gender and seek inspiration around us to lift ourselves up.

Recently I was reading about Ursula Burns who grew up in 1960’s and 70’s in New York.  Ms. Burns is a classic example of someone who pulled herself out of the situation she was born into.  She had three strikes against her; born poor, black and female.  None of these she could have changed. 

With sheer hard work, Ms. Burns graduated as an engineer and has glowing credentials including being a CEO of Xerox, head of STEM education coalition under President Obama, and she belongs to boards such as Exxon Mobil, Uber and VEON.

Ms. Burns aptly speaks of her family’s fate, which rings true for each one of us “where they were right now didn’t have to be defining them for the rest of their lives”.  She reminds me of the woman in our empowered woman charm whose arms lifts wide open, undeterred she faces challenges dealt to her  

On this International Woman’s Day, lets empower ourselves with the belief that we have a certain degree of personal influence over our own life; no one else can do this for us but ourselves. 

Happy International Woman’s Day.

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