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Erase Social Injustice

Erase Social Injustice

World over we are seeing differences exaggerated during the pandemic.  The vulnerable are disproportionately affected whether it is due to lack of income or lack of shelter or the accessibility and type of shelter, or security of food and health.

Our partner artisan weavers who work from their home, tell us that they are fine but don’t know how long they will be able to use their raw materials as they see dwindling supply of the cotton which is just sitting in the farms waiting to be picked.  The migrant artisans, who work in the cities who help in making our jewelry and who usually get to go home to their families in the villages, are unable to work and also travel back to their villages with meagre provisions for food and health care.  There are no pay subsidies for them.  There are no social programs available for them to buy food. 

With Canada Day tomorrow, we are reminded of how much more we have in this country.  It is also the most pluralistic society in the world, known for acceptance of the ‘other’.  Even so, we need to ask how we can do more for our indigenous and black brothers and sisters.  ALL lives deserve to be dignified and being Canadian positions us well to erase the social injustices we see. 

We ALL need to ask difficult questions; if we are in this together?  If so what are we doing for the others? In many ways this pandemic has made us equal; we are all isolated, we are all relying on ourselves and being more independent, and, we are all missing our loved ones who we cannot be with. However, when we look carefully through our privileged lens, we see lack of equity.

The WHO’s slogan “It is in your hands” – as some of you may know I have used this in my Instagram feed - can also mean that it is up to each one of us how we behave during the pandemic and after.  YOU and I can make these trying times be more about people and the planet before profit. 

Let us look at quashing all social injustices by doing our part.  Whether it is by making more sustainable choices, or donating to shelters, or to black lives matter, or being more vigilant about from where and what knowledge we acquire......we all do need to do our part.  What part are you doing to erase the social injustices? Share with us as we come together in this plight. 

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